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Link in Profile lets you add links to your Instagram images and send your followers to where you want them to go.

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Setup in Seconds

You can setup Link in Profile in less than the time it takes to read this paragraph. Authorize Link in Profile to access your Instagram account, add your dedicated landing page to your profile and you're ready.

Use your Existing Workflow

If you want an image added to your Link in Profile landing page, simply add a URL to your Instagram post's caption. No need for a complicated administrative interface, or forgetting to enable a specific post. Your followers will immediately see your beautiful image and can tap to a destination of your choice. It just works.

Zero Maintenance

You are amazing at what you do, and we want you to focus on engaging and growing your audience. We take care of the administration and upkeep of your dedicated landing page so you don't have to . . . ah shucks, we are blushing.

Measurable Return on Investment

Finally measure Instagram's impact. Linkinprofile.com is now your proxy for any traffic from Instagram. Check your traffic sources and find out how effective Link in Profile truly is from a quantitative perspective. Be sure to tell us once you know!

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