Drive more traffic from Instagram.

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Drive more traffic from Instagram.

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Instagram’s Missing Link

Link in Profile lets you add links to your Instagram images and send your followers where you want them to go.

“I’ve always wanted the ability to send my Instagram followers directly to recipes from my feed; enabled that within seconds and is so easy to incorporate into my existing Instagram workflow.”

Danielle Walker
Author and Blogger
200K+ Instagram Followers

“I love that Link in Profile allows me to drive traffic to whatever site I choose to link to – my own website, my Etsy shop, my blog, other blogs featuring my work, or other selling platforms. Since I’m not limited to driving traffic to one source, I can change it up with every IG post. I appreciate that flexibility and customization. The new Dashboard that allows me to give titles and descriptions to links is a great update and looks polished and professional.”

Sarah Hood
Artist and Jeweler
5K+ Instagram Followers

Setup in Seconds

You can set up Link in Profile in less than the time it takes to read this paragraph. Authorize Link in Profile to access your Instagram account, add your dedicated landing page to your profile and you’re all set.

Use Your Existing Workflow

To add a post to your Link in Profile landing page, simply paste a URL into your Instagram post’s caption and it will automatically appear. No extra steps and zero maintenance. Or if you prefer, you can add your links through your Link in Profile dashboard.

Measurable Return on Investment

Finally measure Instagram’s impact. is now your proxy for any traffic from Instagram. Check your traffic sources and find out how effective Link in Profile truly is from a quantitative perspective. Be sure to tell us once you know!

Works with Your Existing Tools

Point your followers anywhere you like—works with all websites and shopping platforms.
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